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Origin and history


SEPAWA Benelux is part of the SEPAWA-association, which was founded in Germany. Its history dates back to the 1800s, when in 1755 the Soap Boiler Craft Association was launched. Later on, this craft organization was transformed into the Association of Soap Boilers and Perfumers.

Since the 1950s, with the introduction of modern detergents and the ever innovating technologies in the sector, it became a necessity:  the Soap Boiler Association was transformed into the professional organization  SEPAWA in 1954 in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

SEPAWA has grown during the last fifty years. With more than 1200 members SEPAWA is one of the largest specialized trade unions in Europe.
We are an autonomous, independent, professional association with members from all sectors of the chemical industry.

Our members are specialists in technical, scientific or commercial plane from private companies, government agencies, scientific institutes, universities and colleges. They use SEPAWA as a platform for the exchange of information, for public relations applications and for networking, ...

Our association is actively supported by both SMEs and large international companies.